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Costa Mesa, CA Security Camera Technology

Do you have questions about hidden cameras, PTZ, or mobile video in Costa Mesa, CA? Want to know more about IP camera technology? Start learning about these topics and more here.

Setting Your Security System up for Success in Costa Mesa, CA

Proper setup, maintenance and care for your security system will not only ensure you get maximum life out of the equipment in Costa Mesa, CA, but also maximum use and value.

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Wide Coverage: Problems and Solutions for Securing Large Areas in Costa Mesa, CA

Securing vast expanses with video surveillance while minding the budget and delivering actionable information, can seem like a daunting task. Let's look at three main options for providing effective wide area coverage in Costa Mesa, CA, and the peripheral devices and physical measures that can be used to enhance each of these.

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Some people in Costa Mesa, CA tasked with this job end up making huge trade-offs and sacrifice security levels, while others, unaware of capabilities, simply throw some cameras up hoping for the best. Fortunately, today's surveillance technology provides options that can deliver "all the above" benefits.

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Why You Should Focus on Lenses

Camera lenses are perhaps the most overlooked component of any surveillance systems in Costa Mesa, CA, but are without a doubt the most important. Without the right lenses, the whole system is at minimum not performing to its full potential or capturing useable video footage in Costa Mesa, CA. To help point you in the right direction, let's cover some of the important terms and features about lenses.

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Understanding Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Having the correct amount of light is vital for capturing useful footage from your video security camera in Costa Mesa, CA, but light cast in the wrong direction can also render a camera useless. To combat this, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video security cameras are employed in situations where there are varying lighting situations.

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Infrared Illumination Buying Tips

IR Illumination Overview

An IR illuminator allows a camera to see in total darkness in Costa Mesa, CA, when there is insufficient light to see. This can be useful for security applications, especially covert needs, or maybe when keeping an eye on the night activities of the local wildlife.

Infrared cameras convert ambient light photons into electrons which then are amplified through an electrical process and converted back into visible light. Infrared light should not be confused with thermal imaging, which creates images based on differences in surface temperature between what an object radiates and the environment around them.

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